Geo Rental Solutions

Rental division caters to air conditioning and power generation systems. In air conditioning, Geo group offers complete range of products and service from domestic to industrial to district cooling solutions. They are able to take up projects on turn key basis and the Rental division is well equipped with latest equipments, qualified and trained staff, vehicles and necessary equipment.

With cooling capacity of 77,000 TR, temporary power capacity of 170000 KVA, 324 well qualified staff & a fleet of 71 Vehicles , the Group wears the confidence of a veteran. With its foundations deep in Middle-East & Africa, it is nursing ambitions to enter other Markets world -wide, where it sees tremendous potential”..

Air Cooled Chillers

The tailor made specialty refrigeration comes with capacities starting from 1 TR so that the consumer gets exactly what he wants. The product range includes chillers for industrial cooling and process for manufacturing and batching plants, plastic factories, ice plants etc.

Air Handling Units

AHUs play an important role in maintaining the indoor air quality and thermal comfort in industrial buildings, and they can also help to reduce energy consumption by controlling the flow of air and regulating the temperature and humidity. It can also be equipped with advanced air filters for particulate matter and gaseous pollutants to provide good IAQ as well.

Package Units

Package air conditioning unit that combines the condenser and the air handler in one compact unit. They are typically used in commercial and industrial buildings, but can also be used in residential buildings.


We at GEO are fully equipped to cater to the power requirement of the clients. We are providing Generators of various capacities ranging from 2 KVA to 2200 KVA. These state of the art Generators are sourced directly from the manufacturers fitted with Perkins/Cummins Engines. Perkins/Cummins engines are well known for their quality and efficiency in operation. These Generators are offered for outright sale or hire for a shorter duration of one day to higher duration as per the requirement of the clients.

Diesel Tanks

Durability - Made of materials that are resistant to corrosion, impact, and other forms of damage. Easy access for inspection, maintenance and refueling, that is compliant with safety regulations. Constructed with high-quality materials and methods, that meets industry standards

Floor Standing Units

The Floor Standing air conditioner comprises of two components - an inner and an external unit, which are connected via copper tubes and electric cables. These units are known for their high energy efficiency, quiet operation, and easy maintenance, making them a popular choice for many applications.

The product range

  • 450 Air Cooled Chillers
  • 280 Generators & Diesel Tanks
  • 150 Air Handlings
  • 300 Package Units
  • 600 Free Standing Units
  • 37 Transformers (Step-up & Step-Down)
  • 400 Pumps & Heavy Duty Panel Boards
  • Switch-Gears, Cables, Hoses
  • Food Processing Cooling Systems
  • Comfort Cooling for Resident Builiding
  • Chillers for batching plants and plastic industries
  • Generators sets and lighting systems for remote areas
  • Customized cooling systems for off shore projects, ships, and aircrafts in the hangar for maintenance, power plants and industrial premises.